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2. ISB Software Essay Analysis 2019-20

This yr too, as it has achieved historically, ISB has stuck to two themes in its MBA software essay questions:

  1. Inform us how you’re totally different from others
  2. Inform us why you need the ISB PGP

On the face of it, the premise appears fairly simple but let us dig deep into what ISB is making an attempt to gauge by way of these questions.

Essay Question 1

There shall be 900 college students within the Class of 2021. Why do you have to be one among them? (400 words)

A. What is ISB in search of?

This essay is actually asking WHO you’re.

Consider it this manner:

ISB already has your undergraduate transcripts, your GMAT/GRE scores, your work experience, your software type, your extracurricular activities, the awards and recognition you could have acquired, and letters out of your recommenders detailing your strengths and weaknesses.

Ask your self: Why does ISB still want me to write down this essay?

The reply is obvious:

ISB needs to know extra about you than what the numbers, statistics, and data collectively reveal.

What they need to know is what makes you who you’re. They need to get a way of what you’d be like in their classroom.

And you’ve got a beneficiant 400 words to point out them exactly that.

B. How one can strategy this essay

There are lots of ways to strategy this essay. But we advocate telling two tales that showcase your character.

Decide one personal story and one work-related story, so that it presents a holistic picture of your character.

Now, in case you’ve talked about some achievements in your profile, you may assume you shouldn’t speak about the identical stuff again.

However here’s the factor:

Typically, the story behind an achievement can reveal rather a lot that the achievement itself doesn’t.

The story can speak about what makes something an achievement quite than it simply being one thing you as soon as did. But more importantly, the story can present the AdCom what drives you, what you’re able to, and what makes you who you’re.

And, as we stated before, that’s what they’re expecting from this essay, too.

The query then is, how do you tell these tales for max impact?

We advocate that it is best to use the START framework to tell your stories in one of the best manner attainable. The START framework is:

State of affairs: Explain the background through which this story takes place
Process: Even in case you achieved something because of workforce work, point out what your particular contribution was
Motion: Write about what steps you took to complete your activity
Outcomes: Elaborate on the direct outcomes of your actions
Takeaways: Speak about what you discovered from that have

Before you start writing the essays, sit down with a bunch of post-it notes and do this:

Write down every little thing you want to say about your self, one concept on every post-it. Ask your mates or household for help if in case you have hassle recollecting stories that highlight your strengths.

Upon getting all of it written down, try to cross every of them via these three checks:

  1. Relevancy Check:
  2. – Is it related to your software?
    – Does it showcase your capability?

  3. Recency Check:
  4. – Is that this one thing that happened within the final 2-3 years?
    – If from earlier, does it have an overarching influence on me?

  5. Uniqueness Check:
  6. – Is that this something that is totally different from what my peer group does?
    – Does this help differentiate my candidature from others?

In the long run, you need to be left with the top 2-3 incidents or tales it is best to write about. When you determine which tales you’re going to go together with, you can begin structuring your essay.

It is essential to construction your tales properly, in any other case, their whole impression could possibly be misplaced. Within the next section, we take you thru the easiest way to structure your essays.

C. How one can structure your essays

We’re pretty positive you understand at the least one one that is simply actually dangerous at telling stories. Some individuals tend to tell stories so badly that even probably the most inspiring stories come out sounding insipid and boring.

You don’t want to be that individual while writing your ISB MBA Software Essays.

To ensure that your stories make an ideal impression, you will want to construction them rigorously. Since there are two tales in your essay, here’s a format that we advocate you must comply with:

  • Introduction – 50 phrases. That is the preamble to the essay.
  • Story #1 – 150 words. Set the context, describe the incident, and spotlight the character trait you need to emphasize via the story.
  • Story #2 – 150 words. Repeat what you did for story #2.
  • Closing – 50 words. In this conclusion, try to come again full circle and tie this to what you opened the essay with.

Observe that a well-rounded essay will get you additional brownie factors for driving the central level residence.

This structure follows a simple sample:

  • State the traits of your character that need to speak about.
  • Exhibit that you’ve those traits by narrating incidents out of your life.
  • Reinforce the concept it is a trait and not a one-off.
  • Convince readers of your point by looping to the start and finishing the circle.

Right here’s the scary part, although:

You may comply with all this to the T and nonetheless end up sounding ineffectual until you keep away from some essential mistakes individuals typically make.

We talk about the most typical errors individuals make on software essays and the best way to avoid them within the subsequent part.

D. What NOT to do on this essay

As promised, right here, we describe the most typical errors that folks make. We also inform you the right way to avoid falling into the identical traps.

Let’s take a look:

  • Writing stuff from your resume: If there’s stuff you might have mentioned in detail elsewhere in your software then don’t rewrite it right here. Simply give attention to the subjective elements of the story so you possibly can reveal the individual behind the numbers.
  • Explaining in an excessive amount of element: Wasting priceless area explaining the issue in a lot detail that you are left with no area to elucidate your private takeaways and contribution to ISB. Keep in mind that the small print may be defined in the interview.
  • Stuffing: Making an attempt to say too many qualities and ending up with nothing memorable. For example, when you say you’re empathetic, artistic, passionate, trustworthy, responsible, variety, brave, self-aware, a life-long learner, a great listener, a robust leader… You get the drift, right? It’ll by no means work! Stick to only 2-3 adjectives and drive house the point.

Remember that there’s a word limit to this essay. You could have to have the ability to say every part you could inside that a lot.

Now, let’s transfer on to the subsequent ISB MBA Software Essay Query.

Know your probabilities of moving into ISB

Essay Question 2

What is going to you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP enable you to to realize these objectives? (400 words)

A. What’s ISB on the lookout for?

In our opinion, that is nothing however a short-term and long-term career objectives essay.

ISB needs to be sure to’re not simply another “cubicle rat” who solely needs a better wage and is prepared to do anything for it. They don’t want people who don’t have a clear and particular concept of what they need from their careers.

ISB needs individuals who have some long-term aim clarity and know precisely how the PGP will assist them achieve that.

Observe that ISB is asking you to put in writing about your objectives a few years after graduating. It’s because it needs to allow you some time to seek out your ft and maneuver issues in your path. Issues may take time to work in your favour so it doesn’t make sense to ask what you’ll do instantly after you graduate.

In 3-5 years, although, it is best to anticipate to be doing what you actually need to do.

ISB needs to know when you have a sufficient objective clarity to know what you actually need.

Listed here are a number of extra elements that ISB will look for on this essay:

  • Excessive Employability – Someone who gained’t should wrestle to find a job after graduating.
  • Reasonable Expectations – Somebody who is aware of precisely what she will achieve from ISB somewhat than expecting it to be Alladin’s magic lamp.
  • Readability of Thought – Someone who knows not solely where she is headed but in addition the best way to get there.

Given this, it will be significant that you simply come throughout as an individual who has a “plan” in place by way of this essay.

It’s also essential that you simply don’t fall for the standard internet-based myths about ISB MBA Purposes. You also needs to examine 14 Publish-MBA Profession Questions that ISB solutions before shifting further!

The subsequent section particulars how you must strategy this essay.

B. Learn how to strategy this essay

There are three elements to this essay:

  1. Your 2025 Aim
  2. Your 2030 Objective, and
  3. How you assume ISB’s PGP will assist you.

So, you might want to work out three solutions.

For the primary answer, it’s worthwhile to begin by figuring out your career aim for 2025.

Listed here are three issues to think about that will help you arrive at your reply:

  • Perform: Work out the position through which you see your self. Do you need to be in Consulting, Finance, Advertising, Operations, or HR? Decide anybody you want!
  • Business: Since any perform may have purposes in each business, select which one you need to be in, too.
  • Geography: Do you need to keep in India or go overseas? In case of the latter, where precisely do you see yourself?

You’ll be able to even use LinkedIn for College students in your research to see the type of positions you may get into after your PGP.

Once you elaborate in your 2025 objective, the 2030 aim becomes type of self-evident.

That may care for the second part of the question. We advocate not stepping into an excessive amount of element on the 2030 objective because you possibly can solely write 400 phrases. The AdCom might be okay with getting an concept that you understand the place you’re heading.

To deal with the third a part of the query, spend a while researching how ISB will show you how to meet your objectives.

Keep in mind, ISB also needs potential candidates to know that it might help them meet their objectives. So, a big amount of their very own content material might give you the answer to how this PGP will make it easier to. Begin by looking at the ISB website itself and go the place instinct takes you from there.

Soon sufficient, you’ll have answers to the “what you need to say” a part of this essay.

Now, we transfer on to speaking about how it is best to say it for max effect.

C. How you can structure your essay

The three things to talk about in this essay are your 2025 objective, your 2030 aim, and how the PGP will assist you to realize them.

To do justice to every reply, here’s how we advise you need to divide your essay:

  1. Career Objectives – 150 to 200 words
  2. How this PGP will enable you to achieve your objectives – 200 to 250 words

Now, let’s talk about this in some more element.

Since this can be a slightly direct question, you will get straight to the purpose in your answer. Speak concerning the job you need to do and the type of company you need to be working for in 2025. It’s important to mention the perform, business, firm measurement, and site you’ve thought of.

Do that in about 150-170 words.

Don’t get into an excessive amount of detail concerning the 2030 objective; just ensure that it logically follows your 2025 objective. Try to wrap up each the answers within 200 phrases.

The subsequent part is crucial; it’s about how ISB’s PGP will aid you.

Begin with the instruments you’ll need with a view to obtain your objective. For example, in case you have a background in advertising, you’ll want to know how Finance, Operations, and Logistics work to get into a management position. So, you need cross-functional information.

Similarly, you also need leadership and group administration expertise. Speak about how the PGP will provide help to achieve this stuff. Additionally, mention how ISB’s huge community and model value will help velocity up the entire means of attaining your objectives.

Conclude with a single line that summarizes the essence of what your essay is about.

D. What NOT to do in this essay

There are various obvious things that aren’t even value mentioning right here, like making grammatical mistakes or typographical errors. It’s a given that you simply’ll be avoiding those things.

Here’s the slightly less apparent stuff you could actively keep away from doing:

  • Set Unrealistic Objectives
  • Ensure your career objective is lofty sufficient to make ISB consider that you simply wouldn’t achieve it without their PGP. But ensure that it’s additionally practical sufficient that it feels like it may be executed. This makes it all easier to consider and makes you seem like an individual with a plan.

  • Repeat Issues
  • Reiterating something for emphasis is sort of totally different from repeating the identical thing. If you reiterate, it is adding extra worth or significance. However repeating is the place you’re adding nothing new by saying the same thing. There isn’t enough area so that you can do this right here!

  • Be Obscure
  • Whether or not it’s in your praise for ISB or in your description of your career objectives, ensure you’re particular. Eager to “dedicate the year to learning, self-discovery, and exploration of possible careers” might sound very cool, nevertheless it exhibits the exact absence of focus that ISB will need to keep away from.

Know your probabilities of moving into ISB

Let’s now flip to what ISB needs in your character.